The joyous occasion of celebrating our furry friends’ special moments has taken the world by storm.

From birthdays to adoption anniversaries, our four-legged companions are more than just pets; they are cherished members of the family.

It’s no wonder then that the trend of throwing paw-some parties for our canine companions is on the rise.

And what’s a party without some wagging tails and excited barks? That’s where party favors for dogs come into play, adding an extra layer of tail-wagging excitement to the festivities.

Below, we’ll delve into the delightful world of party favors for dogs.

Whether you’re planning a canine birthday bash, a puppy shower, or any other tail-wagging event, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll explore not only the importance of these delightful doggie goodie bags but also what to put in dog goodie bags to make them tail-waggingly irresistible.

Let’s dive into the delightful world of party favors for dogs and find out how to put together the perfect dog goodie bags that will have your furry friends barking for joy!

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Considerations When Selecting Party Favors for Dogs

Here are three important considerations for party hosts to keep in mind when selecting party favors for dogs to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all furry guests:

1. Dietary Restrictions: Check for allergies and sensitivities among attending dogs.

2. Size and Age-Appropriateness: Ensure favors are suitable for all sizes and ages. 

Smaller dogs may require smaller toys or treats, while puppies may need gentler toys designed for teething.

3. Safety: Avoid choking hazards, sharp edges, and toxic materials.

15 Party Favors For Dogs

 Here are our favorite party favors for dogs – these goodie bags have both gifts for dogs as well as their owners. 

1. Doggie Bandanas

This great bulk buy from Amazon gets you 72 different bandanas for your furry guests.

Depending on number of guests you can give a few to each pup.

Check them out on Amazon

2. Fun Poop Bags

Something every dog owner needs is bags for walks.  These poop bags are compostable and come in a variety of fun prints.

Check them out on Amazon.

3.  Toys

We love this bundle of toys because it has a variety and are good quality.

They do come with some poop bags too! In case you need a few more.

Check it out on Amazon

3.  Bags for treats

These customized bags are a nice way to personalise your goodie bags.

These bags from Etsy are simple and adorable – note treats not included.

Check them out on Etsy

5. Personalised Dog Pillows

If you have access to photos of your honored guests then you can get them each a pillow of themselves.

Check out these paw-some pillows!

Check them out on Etsy

Source: Etsy: Colorwin
6. Custom Dog Tags

These sweet personalized dog tags are great party favors for dogs.

We love the little details on these and the modern colors.

Order them from Etsy

7. Custom Dog Collars

Staying on the custom theme – these collars are so sweet.  Made with velvet, these super soft collars are the perfect goodie bag addition.

Personalize them on Etsy Here

8. Birthday Dog Treats

These dog treats are so fun! Pick from Happy Birthday, Who’s a Good Boy/Girl and more.

See them on Etsy

10. Dog Travel Water Bottle

This is a great practical party favor for your dog guests.

This leak proof travel water bottle is designed for dogs.

See it on Amazon

11.  Dog Grooming Bows

These small bows are great for small dogs.  This bulk batch is great for goodie bags.

See them on Etsy

12. Dog Drying Towels

Messy Paws are no fun – these cute drying towels are great practical dog party favors.

They come in bulk so easy to put in goodie bags – or hand out as guests leave the party.

Buy them on Amazon

13. Dog Flowers – Collar Accessories

An easy way to add some flair to a dog’s collar is these adorable flowers that slide on and off easily.

Because they come in bulk you can give each doggie guest a few colors.

Buy them on Amazon

14. Collapsable Water Bowls

This pack of 6 collapsable water bowls are a unique gift to give out at the end of your pup’s party. 

See them on Amazon

15. Doggie Bag Dispenser

Every dog owner needs poop bags, and these handy dispensers are a great addition to your goodie bags.

See them on Amazon


We hope you found a few ideas for your next puppy party.  The above can be combined or personalized to match the theme to your dog’s party.