Bringing a new life into the world is a momentous occasion, and the labor and delivery nurses who help make it happen play a crucial role in this life-changing event.

Without my nurses I would never have been able to have my babies safely and as well as I did.

Afterwards, when I gifted the 5 nurses in my journey they all expressed their gratitude and shared that often once their shift is done they don’t hear from the parents again.

A small token is not necessary, but appreciated.

Showing your appreciation for these dedicated healthcare professionals is a thoughtful gesture, and one way to do so is by giving them goodie bags.

In this article, we will discuss whether goodie bags for labor and delivery nurses are necessary, the ideal budget, the quantity to bring, and provide you with ten creative ideas for these special tokens of gratitude.

Are Goodie Bags for Labor and Delivery Nurses Necessary?

While not obligatory, goodie bags for labor and delivery nurses are a heartwarming way to express your gratitude for their tireless efforts during your childbirth experience.

These small tokens of appreciation can brighten their day, boost their morale, and create a positive atmosphere in the maternity ward.

Though not required, they are a wonderful way to convey your thanks.

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Ideas: Goodie bags for labor and delivery nurses


Goodie Bags for Delivery Nurses

Here are our favorite goodie bag fillers for delivery nurses.

Setting the Budget: How much to spend on labor and delivery nurses gifts

When deciding on a budget for your labor and delivery nurse goodie bags, consider your personal finances and what you can comfortably afford.

A modest budget can still yield heartfelt and meaningful gifts. A good starting point is to allocate $5 to $10 per goodie bag, though you can adjust this amount based on your means.

How Many Goodie Bags to Bring?

The number of goodie bags you should bring largely depends on the size of the nursing team and the length of your stay.

On average, it’s a good idea to prepare at least 5 to 10 goodie bags, as this will cover the nurses who have been involved in your care over your hospital stay.

Goodie bags for labor and delivery nurses may not be necessary, but they are a wonderful way to express your gratitude for the dedicated professionals who help bring new life into the world.

With a budget of $5 to $10 per bag, you can create thoughtful packages that include items like hand cream, gourmet snacks, and personalized thank-you cards.

Aim to prepare at least 5 to 10 goodie bags to ensure all the nurses involved in your care feel appreciated.

These small gestures of kindness can leave a lasting impression and brighten the spirits of those who work tirelessly to ensure your childbirth experience is safe and memorable.

Say “thank you” with a goodie bag and make the birth of your child even more special for everyone involved.