One of my dearest friends just threw her daughter a Frozen/Elsa themed party.  Even though the movie has been out for years, its so nice to see younger kids still loving it.

I’ve always loved the Frozen movies because of their strong female characters and their bond as sisters.  

My friend loves hosting and planning parties as much as I do, so I often share her party themes.  This post is no exception.  

Elsa Cake

Her cake was bought from a bakery so I’m not going to include a receipe, but do think its great to share as an idea.

Her decor was also beautiful.  

She utilized a lot of toys they already have and added blue and white flowers to elevate it.

Above the appetizer table she replaced her regular prints with pictures from the Frozen movie. 


Simply changing the image on her TV made a great focal point for cupcakes, blue jelly beans and blue jello.  

I brought some Rice Krispie Cones (receipe link below too) and used blue and silver sprinkles.  

If you’re planning your own Frozen party, I’ve curated a list of desserts and treats that you can serve as well as a smoothie bowl that can be a bit more filling.  

Happy Party Planning!

Frozen Theme Party Food

I hope you found this list helpful.  Frozen is such a fun theme with really unique colors for treats.  

Other Party Food & Themes:

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