Finding the perfect baby gifts for coworkers can be both exciting and heartwarming.  In this article you will find 25+ baby gifts for work colleagues that range from practical to funny to sentimental.

Whether you’re celebrating a colleague’s first bundle of joy or welcoming another addition to their growing family, showing your support through a thoughtful gesture goes a long way.

At a recent baby shower for a coworker, I gave some of my children’s favorite baby books.  It is ok to include some sentimental items for a colleague you are close with.

For those that you aren’t personally close with but still want to give a gift to, err on the side of practicality vs sentimentaliy.

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Before we get into the gifts, here are some quick FAQs to consider.

Should I get my coworker a baby gift?

While not mandatory, giving a baby gift to a coworker is a kind gesture that expresses your congratulations and support during this special time in their life.

How much do you give a coworker for a baby gift?

The amount you spend on a baby gift for a coworker depends on your relationship and budget, but a safe range is $20-$40.

Consider thoughtful, practical gifts or contribute to a group gift for a more substantial gesture.

Other Considerations for baby gifts for work colleagues

Office Celebrations:

Check if there’s a workplace tradition for baby showers or gifts. If not, consider organizing a small celebration with colleagues.

Sensitive Choices:

Be mindful of cultural or personal preferences when selecting gifts, ensuring they align with the recipient’s beliefs and values.

Group Contributions:

Collaborate with other coworkers for a joint gift to make a bigger impact and share the joy.

Choosing baby gifts for coworkers is a delightful way to celebrate new beginnings and foster a supportive workplace community.

Baby gifts for work colleagues