Mama Celebrates

Hi! I’m Christina

Welcome to the world of awesome parties and incredible celebrations! I’m your go-to for making magical memories with your kids. As an experienced event organizer and a super proud mom, I know exactly how to make your child’s special day absolutely unforgettable.

I’ve always been the designated party planner among my friends and colleagues. From organizing family get-togethers to throwing epic bashes at my marketing job, I’ve got the skills to make any event shine.

But what really gets me excited is planning parties for my two adorable kiddos. Seeing their eyes light up with pure joy when I do something special just for them. It’s the best feeling in the world!

I’m all about activities, cool DIY decor, and down-to-earth ideas that won’t drain your wallet.  Let’s create a celebration that’s both fantastic and affordable, because every child deserves to have a blast without blowing your savings.

I get it. Being a mom means juggling a million things at once. So I focus on easy to execute and simple ideas for your kids.

Happy Celebrating!

kids with a rainbow cake
colorful birthday cake table

Let’s Party!

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